First Semester/Master-Orientation

This english page of our website can be outdated. Please also check the German version to get the latest news.

(last updated: 2023-09-19)

You can now register for all the events in the orientation weeks.

Orientation for New Bachelor or Master Students

Welcome at the University of Stuttgart!
If you study at any computer science affine course in the upcoming semester, you are kindly invited to participate at our First Semester Orientation. 🙂

You can find an overview of all events in the introduction week in the calendar of the registration page.

How-To Presentations (in German)

The welcome event and the How-To Presentations are meant to introduce you to the University and answer the most important questions you need to know about your course of study in the first weeks.

The welcome event and How-To Presentations for the Bachelor courses will take place on 2023-10-02. The How-To Presentations for the Master Courses take place on 2023-10-09.

Preparatory Courses (in German)

We offer a preparatory course where we teach the basics of Java in the week from 2023-10-02 till 2023-10-06 and a preparatory course teaching the basics of theoretical computer science in the week from 2023-10-09 till 2023-10-13. They are both thought in german, but you can of course ask us questions in english and we will do our best to answer them in english.

Important Downloads (mostly in German)

The following table links important documents about your course of study. We will also upload the slides of the How-To Presentations here afterwards.

Course of studyTimetableExam regulationHow-To slides
Informatik BachelorStundenplan(WS 2023)Prüfungsordnung (8.7.22)
Software Engineering BachelorStundenplan(WS 2023)Prüfungsordnung (8.7.22)
Medieninformatik BachelorStundenplan(WS 2023)Prüfungsordnung (8.7.22)
Data Science BachelorStundenplan(WS 2023)Prüfungsordnung (8.7.22)
Lehramt Informatik BachelorStundenplan(WS 2023)Prüfungsordnung
Informatik MasterPrüfungsordnung (1.7.22)
Software Eingineering MasterPrüfungsordnung (1.7.22)
AIaDS MasterPrüfungsordnung (1.7.22)
Informatik Lehramt MasterPrüfungsordnung
MSc Computer Science (English)Prüfungsordnung (1.8.13)

Telegram Group

There is a Telegram group for first semester students. You will receive the information on how to join via Mail.

Currently, most of the content is posted in German. Feel free to ask any question in English. We will then answer in English, too.

Public Transport Ticket – DeutschlandTicket or JugendTicketBW

By now, you have two options for a ticket for local public transport:
DeutschlandTicket (whole Germany, age-independent, about 50 €/month) or
JugendTicketBW (just Baden-Württemberg, max. age of 26 years, about 30 €/month)

With each of those tickets, you are allowed to use the local public transport (bus, tram and local train like U/S/RB/RE) in the corresponding region (Germany or Baden-Württemberg).

It seems, at our local provider VVS, you only find these prices in the German version of the web page. The English version seems to only contain deprecated tickets. (You can click here onto “Abo über die SSB bestellen”. Then, you need to select „DeutschlandTicket“ or „JugendTicketBW“, for JugendTicketBW upload your Certificate of Enrollment, enter your data in the displayed form, and submit the subscription order.)

The Student Representatives Group

We tool are students in the Department of Computer Science. In our free time, we volunteer to provide fun events for others (and for us too 😉 ) to make everyday life at university a little more relaxed and to keep the “studying” part of our studies stress-free.

On the one hand, we organise all kinds of events, for example board game nights, LAN parties, barbecues or beer pong/flunky ball events. On the other hand, we offer services like sharing of past exams or 3d printing. Additionally, you can ask us anything. And even if we don’t know the answer, we can usually direct you to the person who knows it.

All this is obviously only possible with many helping hands. Therefore, if you want to participate, please get in touch. For example, you can ask in the Telegram group about the topic you want to help with.

Of course, all our services and events were started by someone. If you have any idea for e.g. an event that does not exist yet, you are welcome to share this idea with us. And ideally, you would also plan and run e.g. your imagined event with us. We are always happy to offer something new to our community. 🙂

Questions and Uncertainties

If you want to know something or are uncertain, you are welcome to…

  • … write an email regarding the first semester orientation to,
  • … write an email to FIUS – the student representatives of informatics, computer science etc., whom we are a part of:,
  • … write an email to the Dr. Katrin Schneider, the Program Manager for all programs of the Computer Science Department:, or
  • … visit us in our student representatives room 🙂
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