About us

Who are we?

We are the Fachgruppe Informatik der Universität Stuttgart, students of different computer science courses, who try to make the (student) life of our fellow students as pleasant as possible and to facilitate their studies. Among other things, we organize the first semester orientation and represent the students in committees at our university. At the Fachgruppe, you not only learn a lot more about your own studies, the university and its organization; the whole thing is also a lot of fun!
In addition, we offer advice on studies from a student perspective and try to help everyone who comes to visit us in our little room to the best of our ability.


We consider ourselves an open group, which means that if you are interested in the subject group, you can easily join. The best way is to come to one of the meetings, or join us on one of our comfy couches (not many of those in the house!) and get trained along the way. We are always happy to have new members!
If you are interested in working in a specific working group, just contact the corresponding AK directly or ask for it in the Fachgruppenraum 🙂


Once a week we meet for the Fachgruppen-Sitzung. There we plan actions and discuss the latest developments at the computer science department and at the university. The meeting takes place during the lecture period on Tuesdays at 13:05 in room 0.108.

In the lecture-free period the meeting times can deviate. If you are interested just send us a short mail or ask one of us 😄.

Note: The meetings are held in german, though if you are interested in working with us or just listening in, do not hesitate to contact us and we’re sure to find a solution.

Life outside the university

In addition to our work in the department and studying together, we also do some fun group activities. You can easily join us in that as well:

  • Fachgruppen-weekends – Several times a year we go together to a cabin and spend the weekend together there with karaoke evenings and walks at night.
  • Games – In addition to a large collection of board, card and many other social games, we have recently VR glasses, which we like to use ourselves for spending time together, but also lend to students for free. Of course, we can’t do without the classic LAN parties from time to time 😉
  • BBQ – Mostly in the summer we unpack our barbecue and spend the evenings together. Meanwhile our vegetarian and vegan offer has been growing steadily in recent years, so we have something for everyone 🙂
  • 3D printer – We have a 3D printer on which all students can print models. For this, just visit us in our room and ask about it.
  • Pub crawls – Some may still know them from the freshman orientation: the pub crawl. At irregular intervals, we also partake such special gastronomy tasting walks.
  • Tichu – In principle, the game of the Fachgruppe. Even if you don’t know what it is: come into our room and say “4” – people will come together to teach it to you 🙂
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