Welcome to the website of the computer science student association at the University of Stuttgart!

Also note our announcements (sadly only in german at the moment) and the informations about the corona situation at the university in the sidebar.

Protocols of exams can be rented online during Corona. For further information see: Lending

Our goal is to make your life easier during your studies at the University of Stuttgart. To this end, we represent the students of the computer science subjects in official committees towards the university and offer our fellow students advice and various services that should make their studies easier for them. For example, we carry out the introduction for the freshmen students, organize games and barbecue evenings and lend examination records from the exams of the previous semesters for free.

We are happy to help you individually. Our door is open almost every day – don’t be shy, just drop by! Alternatively, you can of course write us an email or give us a call. 🙂

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