Job offers

On this page you will find a overview of the possibilities to make your job offer and your company known to the students of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart.

Bulletin board

We are happy to post your job offers on the bulletin board (in our building a wide mirrored wall) near our main entrance behind glass. This protects them from being torn down or manipulated.
Depending on the number of inquiries, the time that your offer can be displayed changes. On average, however, we have the opportunity to display them for about four weeks.
Please understand that due to limited printing options, we can only hang up notices that have already reached us on paper. Send your job advertisement(s) by post to:

Fachgruppe Informatik der Universität Stuttgart
z. H. AK Aushang
Universitätsstr. 38
70569 Stuttgart

Alternatively, you can also submit the vacancy directly to us in the room of the computer science student association (room 0.001 on the north side of the IT building V38 – if no one is there, just push it through under the door).

Digital bulletin board

For publication in our digital bulletin board, simbly send an email with the PDFs to The PDFs must be named as follows:


Example: 2020_05_30_Fachgruppe_Praktikant Softwareentwicklung – Testautomatisierung.pdf

Your job advertisements will then be uploaded after at the latest a few days to our digital bulletin board.

Bachelor and master theses

Bachelor and master theses generally require a supervising professor from our department.
Please ensure that a professor in our department is willing to supervise the theses before you send us offers for bachelor or master theses in your company.

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